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Natural Cosmetic &  Hygenic Products

Medicinal Herbs

FOOD Products


DISPOSABLES  Medical & Household

Magnets, Medical & Industrial


Shaped CDs & CDS

Paraffin Waxes & Jelly

Bitumen & Oil products


Machines for  Ice-Creams

Solar energy Products

Language Services

Translation Dept.



Rates & Payments

En Français

We are an International Trading, Finance, Marketing, and Consulting Group. With more than 40 years of experience we have efficient partners and contacts in North America, Middle East, Europe, South East Asia, and Africa. Thanks to the efficiency of our Advertising System and our well experienced partners we have the possibilities to supply almost all types of products to our clients in different regions of the world and to bring new markets for the exporting companies and sell their products or services all over the world. 

Join us and soar with the Eagles

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