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Paraffin Waxes &oil - Petroleum jelly


Fully Refined & Semi-Refined Paraffin Waxes
Uses Making candles, match industries,
waterproofing of canvas/ tarpaulins, paper
industries, coating/ sizing, etc.
Packing Slab form. each slab Abt 6 kgs net in black
polythene & such 4 slabs= 24 kgs net in
white polypropylene bag.
each 1x20' FCL 834 bags= 20.016 m/tonnes.
Specifications Oil PCT ranging from 1 to 10 %
melting point: 56-58 & 60-65 degree centigrade
color■■:■ white or slight yellow or yellow

Granulated Paraffin Wax
Uses Mostly used in tire industries & cosmetic
Packing 20 kgs net in black polythene & then packed in white polypropylene bag
Specifications Color white, oil PCTG: 0.5%
melting point: 58-62 d/centigrade

White oil or liquid paraffin or mineral oil or paraffin oil
Grade "A" grade & USP/BP pharmaceutical grade
Uses Raw materials for cosmetic industries I.E.
hair oil, cleansing cream, cold cream, baby
oil, pharmaceutical & drug industries,
food industries I.E. bakery products, textile
auxiliaries, polishing industries. These
products have diversified uses in many
Packing In 175 kgs net in new iron drums [blue color]
in 1x20' FCL= 90 drus= 15.750 kgs net.
Specifications It is colorless, tasteless, odorless and
clear & influorescent and highly refined.

White Petroleum Jelly/ Vaseline USP/BP Grade
Grade USP/BP & pharmaceutical grade [medical]
Specifications Tasteless, odourless, semi-solid, white
ASH............................not more than 0.08%
Melting point......................48-52%
Uses Using as raw material for preparing of all
kinds of ointments, cosmetic for making
creams, face cream, hair pomade/hair wax
Packing In 170 kgs net in new iron drums [blue color]
in 1x20' FCL = 98 drums=16.660 kgs. net.