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1 - Translation:

1 - 1 Our rates are as follows:

French , Spanish, German, and Italian

0.9 USD per word

Portuguese, Russian, Polish, and Romanian

0.10 USD per word

Arabic and Persian

0.12 USD per word

Chinese , and Japanese

0.14 USD per word

Rates apply only to regular texts. Tables, graphics special texts, and web pages will be estimated based on the scope of the job.

With these rates you can calculate your total and order your translation now.

1 - 2 For large projects such as books, film scripts, theses, long reports, call for estimate.

1 - 3 For certified translations there is a suplementary charge of 10 USD per page.

Our minimum charge for each order is 30 USD .

2 -Interpreting

2 - 1 On - Site Interpreting
(conferences-business meetings-sales presentations- tours-medical and legal cases)

400 USD per full day
220 USD per half day

These prices concern Paris and some other capitals in Europe. Transportation, food and lodging (if applicable) are additional.

2 - 2 Phone Interpreting 1.20 USD per minute ( calculated from the moment we receive the call).

Note: For interpretation, arrangements should be made at least 7 days in advance. 

The minimum charge for phone interpretation is 30 USD for less than 25 minutes.

3 - Administrative Services Administrative Services

Consult us for details.

4 - Payments Payments

4 - 1 By Credit or Debit Card : By Credit or Debit Card :
You can e-mail or fax us the information on your card ( name , card number, and expiration date ) together with your mailing address and phone number.You can also call and give us this information if you prefer .

4 - 2 By Postal Money Order: By Postal Money Order:
You can send your payment to : M. Ferdosi

M. Ferdosi
118, rue S. Allende
92000, Nanterre, France 4444
4- 3 By Electronic Wire : By Electronic Wire :
If you choose this method we will provide you with the necessary information and you will be entitled to 2% discount .
As soon as your payment is processed, we will send you a proof of payment by e-mail, by fax, or by airmail as you wish . Please note that your payments should be processed in advance. We hope to do business with you and provide you a professional, efficient service.