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Language Department

In our Translation, and Language  Department we have more than  45 translators and interpreters  who translate  from English into the following languages and vice versa:

French - Spanish - German
Italian - Portuguese - Arabic
Russian - Polish - Romanian
Chinese - Japanese - Farsi

If you have a document to be translated into other languages that are not mentioned above, still we can arrange it for you.
Our on-line worldwide staff of translators work with us 24 hours 7 days a week, so we can offer you prompt, efficient service.

We provide the following services:

Proof-reading & Editing
Language consulting

Most non-English speaking businesses are unfamiliar with the nuances and complexities of American English. Reaching these audiences in their own languages increases your marketing scope.We can translate your web pages and printed materials into any of the languages listed above.

We can offer international interpreting services, available by telephone or on the spot.Currently we have staff in some countries.Soon our network will be available to offer interpreting services throughout the world.

Based in Naunterre, just 10 minutes from Paris, we can easily follow up on your business dealings anywhere in France and the rest of Europe.

If you come to Europe, you may need an interpreter, a guide, a secretary, or someone to help you understand local customs and business practices. We have a high-qualified staff to assist you.