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SHAPED CD, new product

We replicate CD, we print CD, we pack CD, and we even create new CD products. Full services with one of the most competitive prices in the market. Simply tell us how many pieces you are planning to make and we will quote you the price. Simple!

We are at least 40% cheaper than those in the U.S. and the quality maintained.
The new Shaped CD puts your company into a new era. Shaped CD / Name Card CD Plays in most computer CD-ROM drives, and anything that can be digitized can be put into these CDs including text, photos, graphics, audio, video, websites, and web links. NEW! CD-R also available! NEW!
With the appearance of the Shaped CD, it attracts people's attention. In addition, Shaped CD can also be used as:


  • Multimedia Presentations
  • New Product Announcement   
  • Trade Show Handouts 
  • Brochures


  • Product Catalogs 
  • Website Link
  • Direct Mail Campaigns
  • Advertising Items
  • Company/Individual Profiles
  • Souvenirs
  • and many more

Shaped CD creates add-on value to some products too, such as:

  • Screen Saver
  • Software Demo
  • Owner's Manuel
  • Greeting Card
  • Collector's Items (such as trading card)
  • and many more



Shapes vs Storage Size:
Virtually, CD can be cut as any shapes as you want. However, since data has to be stored in a full circle, the smaller the circle is left, the smaller the storage size a CD has. If you are curious about the circle size vs. storage size, please check the table below. (The following table is for reference only)


Diameter Rom in Mb Audio in Minutes
51.8 mm 9 Mb 1 min
58.4 mm 44 Mb 5 min
65.6 mm 88 Mb  10 min
72.2 mm 132 Mb  15 min
78.2mm 176 Mb 20 min
83.8 mm 220 Mb  25 min

Any Shapes you like:
Shaped CD:
The biggest advantage of Shaped CD is its ability to be shaped according to customers' need. Shapes such as star, heart, flower,
 fish, square, triangle, and also other irregular shapes can be made to fit your products, logos, ideas íK etc.

Name Card CD:
Name Card CD is one of the Shaped CD products. Name Card CD is so popular because of its traditional business cards/trading 
cards look. Even though there is no standard size for this type of CD, . They have approximately 35 to 50 Mb.

Differences between Ordinary CD and Shaped CD: 
Except the shape and the storage size, there is no difference between an ordinary CD and a Shaped CD. On the other words,
 anything you can put into a CD (including Audio, VCD, CD-ROM data), you can put into a Shaped CD.