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F02-Culinary Condiment:
After extensive research we have developed an appropriate formula for a condiment composed of the following plants :                  
1- Mint : Cooling, appetizing and aromatic, stomachache, tranqulizing and . . .
2- Pennyroyal : With similar fragrance to that of mint, antiflatulent.
3- Tarragon : With slightly sharp, bitter taste, dry and hot, antiflutulent and is good for stomachache.
4- Savory : Aromatic with slightly sharp and bitter taste, antiflatulent and appetizer.
5- Anethum : With sweet and warm flavor, antiflatulent and anthelminitic to some extent. It also relives headache.
6- Ziziphora : With exeptional aroma, is an antiflatulence antidiarrhea and is good for impotency.
7- Melissa : With Lemon aroma, is antiflatulent, cardiac tonic, and has tranqulizing effect and is good for colds and headaches.
8- Salvia : Strong, exceptionally aromatic and reduies too much sweating.
9- Rose : Tonic with pleasant aroma.
Using our condiment in yogurt, salads, soups and some meaty dishes gives a rustic flavor to your food.

F09-Pizza Powder:
A new seasoning for pizza and any kind of pasta dishes such as Macaroni, Lasagnia and similar foods. Created by the indigenous people of the Mediterranean countries, using the main seasoning of Oregano which is growing wild in many areas of the region and suits the taste of the local people.
After running a careful research on the tastes of many people in various categories of the society, by utilizing five culinary fragrant herbs, we have developed a very special relish seasoning for whomever with sophisticated taste.
F10-Garlic Powder:
Garlic powder is rich in compounds containing sulfur which have antimicrobial effect in the gasteric tract. Garlic also can be used as an expectorant. It is also helpful in treating arterioscklrosis and has the capability to slightly reduce blood pressure. Lowering Cholestrol, being antiseptic and fungicidal, prevention of plattlet aggregation and being anticancer are some other properties of garlic.
F12-Four Seeds:
Is a mixture of the seeds of plantain quince, coriander and corbcille which is useful in treatment of respiratory tract ailments such as cough, bronchitis and soreness of the throat. Place a spoon of the mixture in a cup of boiling water and after 0.5h drain and drink.

Our candies are made with 100% natural Essential Oils. We utilize natural essential oils which have diverse therapeutic effects in the form of our Candies for the use of those in love with the nature. Our candies come different packiagin: Tube packing, Paper Packing and luxiry metal packaging and in following flavours:
1- Mint Candy: For gesterointestinal ailments.
2- Cumin Candy: For weight loss.
3- Dill Candy: To reduce blood glycerides and cholesterol.
4- Lemon Candy: Appetizer.
5- Tarragon Candy: Tonic for health and happiness.
6- Orange Candy: Digestive.
7- Eucalyptus Candy: For Colds.
8- Grape Fruit: For weight loss.


  Aloe Cream  -  Echinacia Cream  -  Myrthili Cream  -  Camomile Cream    -   Eucalyptus Crea   -   Marshmallow Cream                  


C01-Aloe Vera Cream:
Contains 35% of the gel of the Aloe Vera plant . It has the following proven effects: Skin Moisturizer, Skin Softener, Removes skin dryness and sensitivity, Protects the skin against sun light, Speeds recovery of the skin from ailments caused by the use of detergents, whiteners, Removes freckles upon long period of applications and heals sunburns.
C02-Chamomile Cream:
Lightens the skin, helps relieve sore or inflamed skin and is also used for treatment of eczema and skin irritation. C03-Echinacea Cream: Echinacea being antiseptic and antiviral is recommended by British Herbal pharmacopoeia for Furuncolosis, Boils, Abscesses. It is useful in treatment of Herpes, Minor cuts and Eczema.
C04-Eucalyptus Cream:
Eucalyptus oil is one of the most antiseptic oils in the herbal repertoire and is helpful for any Type of wound or skin inflammation.
C05-Myrtle Cream:
Myrtle extract is a strong antiseptic and is good for treatment of burns, minor cuts and is helpful for treatment of herpes and Eczema.
C06-Marshmallow Cream:
According to British Herbal pharmacopoiea althea is Demulcente and Emollient and is indicated in Abcesses, Boils and Ulcers. It avoids dryness of the skin and leave the skin soft and fresh.


C07 & C08-Aloe Vera Gel:
100% Natural from the magical plant of Aloe Vera. The most effective part of the plant which contains most of its active ingredients is the gel. It Contains various compounds including Glycoprotenis, Esterols, Saponins and many other components. Aloe Vera Gel is the best treatment for burns, removing spots and protects the skin against sun light therefore finds applications in sunbathing, skying and many other outdoor sports. The gel nowadays is a major component of many cosmetic products such as creams, shampoos, etc.
C09 & C10-Chamomile Gel:
With Chamomile cream properties, it can be used on scalp. It is also forming fot hair.
C11 & C12-Marshmallow Gel:

C13 & C14-Tragacanth Gel:
100% Natural . For hair styling and control of hair split ends and hair loss. Tragacanth has a widespread use in cosmetic products. It has been used as a hair washing agent for ages. This Gel is prepared with the best quality Tragacanth and is useful for washing and styling the hair, providing luster and shine. Contains : natural Tragacanth Gum, PVP, Color and Fragrance
C23-Mouth Wash:
100% Natural. With bactericidal effects which removes microorganisms that are responsible for mouth odour, gum infection and plaque.
Ingredients : Sorbitol, Saccharine, Menthol, Sodium Bicarbonate and color.

C24-Herbal Hair Tonic:
Skin and hair Tonic which avoids early whitening of the hair and hair loss. This natural tonic is also a styler, Conditioner and antidandruff. Our hair Tonic and Conditioner is prepared with extracts of Rosemary, Salvia, Nettle and Aloe Vera. It includes the following extracts :
Rosemary extract : Tonic, Increases hair growth.
Nettle extract : Prevents hair loss and dandruff.
Salvia extract : Prevents early greying of hair.
Aloe Vera Gel : Skin moisturizer and hair styler.
Contains : Water, Alcohol, Extract of Salvia, Nettle, Rosemary, Aloe Vera, Ethanol and


With Natural Oil of Geranium, Lemon, Pine, Rose, Artemisia and Lavander for :
Kitchen, Bathroom, Car, Office, Trash Can & etc . . .
Herbal Pillows
C21-Lavander Pillow:
It is used in the closet between clothes and sheets. Lavander pillow not only gives a pleasant scent to the clothes, it is also a very strong insect repellant.
C22-Santolina Pillow:
It is used in the closet between clothes and sheets. Santolina pillow not only gives a pleasant scent to the clothes, it is also a very strong insect repellant.


C25-Seven Herb Shampoo:
The Seven Herb Shampoo is a truly unique and 100% natural shampoo that is made from herbal extracts of AlfaAlfa, Cotton Rose, Rosemary, Chamomile, Stinging Nettle, Sage and Henna. Seven Herb Shampoo also contains Hydrolized protein, natural essences and color that help prevent damaged hair and skin problems. Seven Herb Shampoo is a shampoo that is: Anti Itching Anti Dandruff Conditioner


C26-Sauna Solution:
100% Natural Contains : Natural Essential Oils of Thyme, Fennel, Eucalyptus, Natural Menthol and Campor.
C27-Scented Napkin:
With a truly unique design of packaging, our napkins are scented with Artemisia oil. The oil not only soothes the inflamed skin, but also leaves a pleasant scent behind on the face. Herbal Teas Laxative Tea Green Tea Sour Tea
Mild Herbal Laxative for Natural treatment of constipation, contains Sennae, Anisi, Carvi, Coriander, Foeniculi, Juniperi and Ononidis. Add one teaspoonful of our Herbal Laxative to a cup of water and boil for 5 minutes. Drain and dilute with water and drink. Initially drink one cup of a day. After few days take one cup after breakfast and one cup before bedtime.
F13-Green Tea, "A New Formula:
Green tea would be a right answer for your problems. With a mixture of the following major medicinal herbs, Green tea not only solves some of your everlasting troubles but brings you happiness and better life.
1- Verbena : Tranqulizer, and stimulant and is also good for stomachache and mdigestion.
2- Melissa : carminative, diaphoretic, relieves influenza, promotes prespiration and eases the pain of gout and sores.
3- Lavandula Vera : Very pleasant taste, relieves fatigue, comforts stomach, relieves toothache, neuralgia, sprains and rheumatism. It also helps the nervous system.
4- Sage (Salvia officinalis) : It quickens the senses and memory, takes away trembling of the muscles, excellent for relaxing throat and tonsile. Good for liver diseases.
5- Rosmarinus : Carminative, an excellent stomacahe and nervine curing many cases of headache.
6- Borage : Relieves the hypocondria and brings courage, effects on adrenal glands and sex hormones and makes a good remedy for relieving cold, flu and cough.
7- Dried lime for better taste and many other properties. Preparation : Pour 5-10 grams in 1/2 liter hot boiling water to be steamed for 15-20 minutes, can be taken with sugar or honey. Bring happiness and health to your home with Green tea.
F14-Sour Tea:
By adding Verbena to the above constituents we have made an appropriate formula which has many properties such as being antispasmodic, carminative, hypnotic, and good for nervous system and stomachache. Since ancient times all herbalists knew that by consumption of the Valerian root in high dose some toxic symptoms would appear.
Direction : 5-10 grams of the mixed herbs to be brewed in 1/2 liter of boiling water for 30 minutes. Drink with some sweetening in accordance with your diet and taste.
F06-Aromatic Teas:
Tea is an old drink, which when having soft flavor and aroma is very relaxing. Only the young leaves of the branch tops could provide this relaxing flavour and aroma. It is obvious that the market demand for this type of tea can not be met due to limitation in production, therefore since years ago tea has been flavoured with artificial flavours which however are believed to have unwanted side effects. Our Aromatic Tea utilize only natural ingredients and flavors.

Garlic Capsules:
Garlic has some therapeutic effects. It is an anthelmintic, for kidny and also is a blood pressure and cholestrol reducer. Cooked Garlic with honey removes freckle.
Laxative Capsules: Contains: Senna, Anis, Cumun, Fennel, Juniper and Onion. Mint Tablets: Prepared from natural Mint oil contains no coloring agent, artificial flavours or additives
F15-Herbal Fruit Tea Bags:
The latest products, Herbal-Fruit Tea Bags come in eight different flavors:
Mint, Hibiscus, Apple, Peach, Lemon, Orange, Strawberry and Blueberry.
Tea bags are made and packed according to highest international standards and competes with other well know brands in international markets.
F16-Children's Tea Bag:
** Aromatic Teas come in Bregamot, Hell, Geranium and Mint flavors. Please specify the flavor when ordering.

*** Herbal-Fruit Tea Bags come in Orange, Peach, Strawberry, Hibiscus, Lemon Apple, Blueberry and mint flavors. Please Specify when ordering.

For bulk ordering in this category please specify on your order.