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  Household   Appliances


We have started to manufacture  household space heaters and slow cookers in 1970. In this field we manufacture two models of heaters . Model 2000 (slow cooker) and Model 3000 Red Burner. Also by constantly participating in international trade fairs and monitoring the tastes and preferences of domestic as well as foreign customers, we decided to expand the range of our products and enter the field of artistic products. As a result we designed an innovative type of candleholder- Shamineh . exclusive in design, exquisite in beauty.

Depending upon our past experience and with the employment of advanced technology and the adoption of quality management system introduced by specialist organizations, we paid utmost importance to the quality, finish and beauty of our products. Consequently our products soon came to be recognized for their superior quality, appealing beauty and attr action, capturing the market and listing us among the distinguished manufacturers of the country.   



Model :3000

 Heater . The Cozy Friend.  

Our heaters bring in the warmth of spring during the chilly days of winter. When Atiran heaters burn, winter flees like melting ice. Our Model 2000 is not only a heater for your room, but also a slow cooker for your food. As you bask in the cozy warmth of our Heaters, the fragrance of the food, being slowly cooked in its own juices, fills the room and stimulates your appetite. The low consumption and the high heating capacity of our  Model 3000 should be experienced to be believed. With our Heaters the year has only three seasons . spring, summer and autumn. No more winters in your home.



Specifications of  Model 2000
Slow Cooker ( one year gurantee.)
Specifications of  Model 3000
Red Burner ( one year gurantee.)
Tank capacity: 4 liters Tank capacity: 6 liters
Duration of burning: 12 . 16 hrs Duration of burning: 20 . 24 hrs
Wick material: Cotton Wick material: Cotton
Heating Capacity: 12-18 cubic meters Heating Capacity: 18-24 cubic meters
Type of fuel: Pure white kerosene oil Type of fuel: Pure white kerosene oil
Heating Power: 1600k calories Heating Power: 2000k calories
Available in a variety of beautiful colors Available in white, red, black, purple and other beautiful colors